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egyanime.com © is the world largest arabic anime library on the internet launched in 2018
egyanime.com is a online website that conatins nearly all arabic Anime and Manga

We have modified our website so that :-

1. It is launched into 2 languages , English Soon & Arabic Versions ; to satisfy all the users needs who came from different countries.

2. You will enjoy our new features as Follow Users , Make your own playlist & be notified by the latest media weekly.

3. You Can Download All the Animes & Movies by 1 click " Download " Button.

4. You Can Watch All The Animes & Movies by 1 click " Watch " Button.

5. You Can Browse Animes & Movies by "Letter" or "Countries" also you can browse the Animes & Movies by "Type"

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1. Aiming to give you the latest Anime or Movie in a perfect quality and for free charge.

2. Build a Friendly Website for all the users also the mobile & Ipad users.

3. To Make a Easy Website inwhich all ages can deal with it .. also to find the Anime or Movie in the simplest way and shortest time.

Finally We Want To Thank you and PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SAY YOUR OPINION , we would like to hear from you and to know your opinion about our website ... and if you need any special Anime or Movie contact us immediately please -- contact.egyanime@gmail.com